By signing up, you agree to abide by these rules. Any breach of the above rules will result in your account being terminated. Even if you donate to the site, you are not above the rules and even if you were promoting our game.

1. You must be 18 years or older to play.

2. You are solely responsible for the actions performed on your account or from your IP address.

3. You are only allowed one (1) account. If you forget your password, click the 'forgot password' link on main menu, do not create another account.

4. NO SPAM. Posting referral links to other sites on boards or via personal messages is strictly forbidden.

5. No malicious links/content.

6. Do not use excessive profanity in profile media or on the message boards. That means racism, sexism, slurs, and so on.

7. No personal threats on other players.

8. Do not be abusive to the game staff or attempt to defame the site.

9. Do not ask the staff about the account details of any other player.

10. If you choose to donate to our site, once you click the send button, it's final. Attempted reversal will be challenged.

11. If you find a bug, report it immediately. If you exploit it, you will be banned.

12. Use of any auto-clickers, auto refreshing, macros or scripts is not permitted.

13. If you benefit from any rule breaking by another player and try to conceal any evidence, you will be banned.

14. NO hacking in any way. If there is evidence to hacking within the game we will investigate and we will find you and you WILL be banned.

15. Anyone that makes a last second family to push other families out of rank will immediately have there family disbanded without warning.

16. Farming Kills will result in your account being frozen you wont have kills taken away you will be frozen if proven that you have farmed kills (this includes hitting a player that you know is gunless or leaving your family hitting a armed player from that same family and rejoining the family again)

Note: *If you are attacked by a cheater and they have stolen your cash or killed any of your ops or defensive units, we will try to reverse the damage. it is not a sure thing as it may promote cheaters in the game

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